Karl. G Zafiris

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Ticket tracker

The TT is a professional ticket tracking dashboard, that lets companies manage details about their clients, developers and tasking tickets.

Laravel | MySQL | PHP
Vacation Manager

Based on a fictional concept, employees can log in and request vacation days. A supervisor/administrator will log in as well and approve or reject requests sent by each user.

Laravel | MySQL | PHP
banking app

It has client's modification capabilities, deposit and withdraw functions. The GUI is written using JavaAWT tools. This is also a work in progress so I'm going to add more capabilities in the future.

Java | awt
population factory

Population Factory generates an entire population to test your API, Web Application, you name it. Each individual citizen has the conventional characteristics of the everyday life (tax, name, lastname, address, etc).

nodejs | npm | js module
about me

A data and web engineer with 6+ years of experience developing web based platforms and software applications for either learning or freelancing purposes. Team player with great organizational and social skills, open minded and with the affinity of converting constructive feedback into tangible outcomes.


What's your specialty? My specialty is web development, focusing on ERP platforms and dashboards.

Do you teach people how to code? Yes. One of my side hustles is to share my knowledge and experience with people who want to break into the industry.

Are you available for a pitching idea? It depends. Do you have a properly structured proposal? What's the target market? If some of those questions are unclear to you, the answer's probably no, I'm not.

Can you work for me? I'm pretty happy with my current employer and I'm all about loyalty, ambition and vision, so no.

What is your rate? For freelancing purposes, my rate starts from 35€/hour and depending the project/idea and implementation process, it may go up to 50€/hour.