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Govern: This current project is under development. Once it's ready, this record will be updated alongside the corresponding view and demo.

TicketTracker: The TT is a professional ticket tracking dashboard, that lets companies manage details about their clients, developers and tasking tickets. TicketTracker also uses sophisticated algorithms to monetize each ticket according the corresponding client and ticket description.

Population Factory: Population Factory generates an entire population to test your API, Web Application, you name it. Each individual citizen has the conventional characteristics of the everyday life (tax, name, lastname, address, etc) and some additional medical parameters such as Step Count, Calories, HR(Heart Rate) etc.

Nosco System: Nosco's a tiny clone of StackOverflow aimed to students and their curriculum. Feel free to clone and dive in.

knightmeal: Knight Meal is an efood niche clone made with plain PHP7-8 and PDO integration.

Vacation Leave Manager: Based on a fictional concept, employees can log in and request vacation days. A supervisor/administrator will log in as well and approve or reject requests sent by each user.

QA System: This is a test case assignment for a questioning system using Laravel.

Java GUI Wallet: This is a simple example of some basic actions in banking written in Java. It has client's modification capabilities, deposit and withdraw functions. The GUI is written using JavaAWT tools. This is also a work in progress so I'm going to add more capabilities in the future.

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