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Practical PHP: Principles & Conventions

This book features certain development principles and conventions of programming, teaching the reader initial models and definitions. After the swift introduction of several programming concepts such as pseudo-code, divide and conquer and the definition of a problem, the reader will attempt to become familiar with the popular scripting web language, PHP. PHP's a powerful general purpose programming language that's mainly used for web development, database interaction and cross application development. Seventy percent of the world wide web is built using PHP since the explosion of the free internet. This book shall attempt to teach the user how to code using PHP, instruct about what's the proper way to approach and solve a problem and several other components of the language's structures, such as, how to connect to a database, avoid MySQL Injection by deploying safeguards, how to use conditional statements to control the flow of the data across the application, how to use looping and OOP (Object Oriented Paradigm). The OOP portion of this book explains in detail how to leverage object notation and those necessary patterns that should be used while creating boilerplate(s) of web pages. In the final section of this book, the reader will become familiar with a modern design pattern called MVC. The MVC design pattern's crucial to know and use, since most of the modern frameworks (Laravel) use this particular pattern. The content of this book should be used like a coding manual next to the developer's platform. Hands on implementation of each distinct concept it's highly encouraged for optimal and in more depth comprehension.

PHP & MySQL Professional Certification - Udemy Course

In this course you'll learn all the things you need know for you to become a great backend developer, operating with PHP & MySQL, the most commonly used yet fundamental technologies since the creation of the internet.

  • You'll understand programming concepts through actual lectured mini real life examples
  • You'll learn about MySQL injection and how to protect your website from it
  • How you should prepare you statements and your overall architecture
  • Design patterns and programming conventions that let you code clearly
  • How to create a Login/Sign up system from scratch using the OOP model
  • How to setup DB interactions using OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Work with sessions to keep users active even when they're not present in the website
  • You'll learn about the Model - View - Controller design pattern via a rather unique and simplistic review
This course represents an abstract prototype of PHP web development methodologies, which you can use and build upon them once you've acquired the proper grasp. Once you learn about the basics, you can move forward to more intermediate concepts such as working and interacting with a basic MySQL database and performing the absolute necessary queries.

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